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  • Aceto Balsamico Del Duca

    Aceto Balsamico Del Duca

    Aceto Balsamico del Duca dal 1891 produces various lines of balsamic. They all stood out for the accurate packaging, the better use of different raw materials, which give birth to a range of product perfect for every need and use.

  • Alexis Munoz

    Alexis Munoz

    Alexis Muñoz - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 18:1 is gourmet olive oil produced in France.

  • Antonio Amato

    Antonio Amato

    In Salerno, a passion for fine food and traditional love was occurred. Antonio Amato story begins in there, Salerno is a place where local talent making every dish with authentic and simple. People there always consume good and healthy food. Thanks to the soil of the city with plentiful vegetation and salty sea air. 

  • Bantry Bay

    Bantry Bay

    Bantry Bay specializes in providing premium Bantry Bay mussels – farmed the world over for their exceptional quality and flavor – to the wholesale seafood industry. 

    Bantry Bay was established in Bantry, County Cork, Ireland in 1991, from a small business on the shores of Bantry, we’ve grown to supply premium-quality Irish shellfish, fresh from the Atlantic, to partners across the world who appreciate the exceptional standard of the products we offer.

  • Barnier
  • Beaufor
  • beWater
  • Boncolac


    Based in the heart of the Basque country, Boncolac offers a wider range of authentic French pastries and desserts using the highest quality ingredients for their products and developing great recipes that reflect traditional French patisserie.

  • Bonduelle


    All Bonduelle frozen vegetables are both convenient and fresh, as they are harvested in the best season to ensure the quality of the vegetables and their freshness remains intact. They suitable for healthy eating.

  • Bordier


    Bordier is one of the finest artisanal butter and cheese producing companies in France. The company creates premium quality dairy products by sourcing the best organic milk from Brittany and Normandy and using traditional methods of production.

  • Boska
  • BP Prosciutti
  • Bridor


    Bridor showcases the principle of traditional French baking. Their best bread is baked in a stone floor ovens to create the artisanal appearance as well as crust. Bridor's  pastries is slow-kneaded, gently rolled and raise. They are then long-heated for a natural and charming flavours.

  • Brover


    Since launching in 1979, Brover has been a leading French brand specialising in tinned fruits. Brover’s core values are a commitment to high quality and a belief that delicious food always begins with the finest ingredients.
  • Valrhona


    Valrhona is an internationally recognized brand, known, used and enjoyed by the very best chefs as a realization of the best of chocolate.